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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go to Penang (take 1)

Just came back from a tiring yet exciting trip to Penang Island. Never underestimates a small island which could turn out to be a heaven of great adventure and most importantly - good food. I started of my journey from Cyberjaya to LCCT and to Penang by Airasia. Its really convenient traveling nowadays. A ticket does everything (Light rail transit to Bus). Those who are traveling at night from Penang airport especially after 10pm, there is always taxi available with a bit extra surcharge.

The hotel is great. Cheap, clean and comfortable. Plus the location of the hotel is absolutely perfect! Its in Gurney!


Next morning we had a Bihun fish head (since its hard to eat fish head we substitute fish head with fish meat) The noodles was delicious. You can feel the spice deep down your throat. Not to forget the toufu, soft and smooth texture that melts in your mouth like M&M




There are other choice of food too. Looking at the display itself makes you drooling T.T


Can't remember well where is the shop located at but the outside of the restaurant looks something like this


More to come in the next post! Brings you more good food and worth visiting places in Penang. A bientot! (See you soon!)


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