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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bye-bye Penang @ I ♥ Penang

After so many days exploring Penang today is the day I say bye-bye to Penang (*tsk tsk) Don't want to leave such awesome place. The fun and excitement in the city never ends. Can't forget the delicious food (*drooling) How am I going to survive without good food as I already been enjoying for the past few days? Since all of us love Penang so much. So we decided to buy something special to remind us about Penang. Can you guess?

Tada! We love Penang!

Before we leave, its the best thing that we enjoy another good and delicious breakfast in Penang. Today we bring you to a simple stall which you will never expect such good food from it. Its just beside a main road. Surprisingly the food is awesomely good!

most famous Duck leg Mee Sua. Too bad duck leg is sold out and we have to settle with duck meat >.<

classical packaging for a soy bean drink

Since our main specialty is to take picture XD we will head to Penang Botanical Garden to fill up our memory cards >.<

Stead...stead...GO! Picture frenzy time!

I found this tree very interesting. The flower actually grow a few inches above the roots of the tree.

This is what they name the tree as. "Canon" Ball Tree. Ehem. Sorry I'm nikon. haha


Michael Jackson wannabe!

Hope she is not giving me this face because I saw her trying to be MJ >.<

Looks like there is more than one who is trying to be popstar here. haha


Can you help me with my back after you finish? XD

Its really amazing when you can see so many of Mother Nature in a big city. Full with skyscrapers, Penang had never forgotten about the importance of greenery. Before we head to the airport lets have a picture I love most! Group picture!

Its time we head to the airport as we bid farewell to this majestic island. We will be back soon! More of Penang shall be unveiled to the world especially Malaysian who prefer vacation overseas where they overlooked what Malaysia itself can offer. Adios Amigos! Berjumpa lagi!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Penangite for their warmest reception. To everyone: Thanks for making this trip a lively trip. Its really a wonderful experience with you all. Hope to have another trip with you all soon!


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