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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scandalous meeting with Michelle Yeoh @ Ipoh

A scandalous meeting with Michelle Yeoh? I am just kidding. How could a International big star be interested to meet a normal guy like me >.< Actually I met her in a Opening ceremony of Kinta Swimming Club. I was one of the photographers working during the event day. Before I took up the job I was told that Superstar Dato' Michelle Yeoh will be attending this opening ceremony but I was quickly withdrawn with the idea that how could a superstar like her come to a simple event like this? Check out if my guesses are correct?

My guesses are wrong! Michelle Yeoh and her family arriving

Before showing more pictures about Michelle Yeoh lets see some pictures of Kinta Swimming Club and lets find out why Michelle Yeoh is willing to attend this event. Kinta Swimming Club was more widely known as Ipoh Swimming Club was founded in early 1930s by Foo Wah Cheng as President, supported by Wong Peng Sum and Yeoh Khuan Joo. Well, Mr. Yeoh Khuan Joo here was Michelle Yeoh's grandfather in fact. Well this certainly explains why Michelle Yeoh treats this event as her utmost important.


This is the new Kinta Swimming Club

Olympic size swimming pool. This new pool brings memories where Michelle Yeoh trained at this very Club to represents Malaysia in Swimming.

Back to the story, when Michelle Yeoh's arrival to the Club, everyone was rushing to take a picture of Michelle Yeoh and unfortunately I was pushed to the back of the crowd. Its not a big deal as I still managed to get a good shot of Michelle Yeoh!


Michelle Yeoh and her niece. Despite a crowd of people I still managed a shot!

Putting down her glamorous signature!

Simply astonishing looking at her signature. Guess which is Michelle Yeoh's?

VIP guest are seated

Michelle Yeoh and current Club president

Before the opening ceremony, Michelle Yeoh was given a simple tour over the new club. I am pretty sure that she will be envy of the new Olympic size swimming pool which is not available during her time. I think that won't matter much as she still represents Malaysia in swimming =)

Michelle Yeoh and her niece listening to the club's representative


Brings back a lot of memories to Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh and her niece look back at the clubs history which is so closely bonded to her family


Not to be missed out is Dato' Seri Ong Ka Chuan giving his speech during the ceremony


Michelle Yeoh giving her best wishes to the Club's development


Finally the club had been reopened with a better environment.

Hopefully there are more events call for me =) 

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