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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buried by Rodrigo Cortés

This is my 1st time watching a rather simple movie. How "simple" is this movie? Throughout the whole movie you will only see the main character Paul Conroy (acted by Ryan Reynolds), a blackberry cellphone, a Zippo (a famous lighter brand), a torchlight, a hand knife, a bottle of alcohol, two light sticks and a snake. This 1 hour 40 minutes movie only consist of this few elements.

Boring! You may think this movie is but if you are a kind of person that likes to speculate as the storyline blooms, this movie will suit you well. Together with only Ryan Reynolds you will have a heck of a time guessing and guessing. The story starts with Paul Conroy an American Truck driver in Iraq was buried in a wooden coffin 6 feet underground. He fight for survival by only making phone calls with the cellphone battery running dead. The climax reaches when his wooden coffin begins to shatter as the sand make its way into the coffin filling up the spaces in the coffin.

Have a shoot at the trailer!

Some scene in the movie:

P/S: One thing that I do not like to watch a movie in the cinema is together with cinema-hooligans. Please do be considerate that other people is sharing the same theater with them and they are no the only one in the theater. Lowering discussions volume and over-enthusiasm shouts is really appreciated.


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