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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A fruit called "Jujube"

I'm not joking with the fruits name. I know it sounded more like a pet's name rather than a fruit's name but I'm not kidding. Its really called Jujube and I have the plant planted in my house. At 1st my parents mislead me to believed that its some kind of apple. Show you some pictures and you judge whether its a kind of apple


At this size and color, Jujube is still not "ready" yet


Kinda looks like tomatoes now >.<



Apart from the size of the seed. Does it looks like a mini apple?

Whats your call now? Can it be a hybrid of an apple? Before this post I still thinks its an apple until I do some research on it to make a post in my blog. Its called Jujube (Click on the name for more information). Jujube is actually more widely known as Red dates or Chinese dates. Chinese widely use them in traditional medicine and culinary especially in Chinese soups. It is also believe to reduce stress. So those who are over stressed try some Jujubes. So now you believe that actually fruits does have cute names XD


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