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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

J.COOL Yogurt @ J.Co Donuts and Coffee

Found out a good and healthy dessert after your dinner. The yogurt thingy wasn't my cup of tea. Everytime I passed by J.Co Donut I was more into the donuts rather than the Yogurt. The preference of donut over yogurt ended after I have tested it myself!

Yogurt with 3 side toppings of fresh fruits~~~

If you wonder what is the price of the yogurt here is the price list.

Not that cheap really compared to the size of it >.< but still worth the try

Almost forgot to mention that the yogurt is actually Ice-cream yogurt. So its a really decent dessert =)
I spend most of the time enjoying J.COOL Yogurt.

How much I enjoyed it~

For more info about J.Co Donut or to locate the nearest J.Co Donut, please visit the official website here: J.Co Donuts and Coffee


k~^|n said...

i heard the J.co yogurt very nice...gonna try it soon. =)

Big Grey Wolf said...

worth the try! ^^,

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