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Monday, December 6, 2010

Chicken Rice Ball @ Classical Chicken Rice, Dataran Pahlawan

I have been passing by this shop numerous time. The smell of the Chicken Rice really traps my thoughts. Actually I never fancied Chicken Rice in restaurant in shopping complex. I tried once before in The Chicken Rice Shop and it wasn't a very memorable experience though. Yet there is always an exception especially when the Chicken Rice smell is really really inviting >.<

Have a look carefully and you'll notice at the right bottom there is signatures. I guessed some "famous" people had dine in before.

If anyone of you were guessing why I mentioned Chicken Rice "Ball", my wild guess would be you never been to Malacca before >.< Whenever you visit Malacca, Chicken Rice Ball is a must to prove that you have been to Malacca. Imagine Rice Ball. Let me help you here. ^^,

Ever-famous Malacca Chicken Rice Balls

Well, since its still chicken rice except that the rice takes a special shape, basically there is still classical chicken and roasted chicken to be served together. Note that its not "chicken ball". =)

Classical Chicken.

Roasted chicken

Apart of chicken, I still love the cucumber the most ^^, especially when its mixed with those soy sauce dipping those chicken. Got to try out Chicken Rice Ball. There is actually more shops that sells better but for convenience sake (This shop's location is easy to find) I recommend this!
Location of the shop can be found in my previous post about Dataran Pahlawan.


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