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Monday, December 6, 2010

Coffee @ Old Taste Cafe, Malacca

Long time since my last update, kinda busy actually >.<
Just to keep you guys updated with those "yumcha" places in Malacca worth to go. Most of people nowadays would like to go OldTown for a tea break or a hangout for a group of friends. There is actually a similar spot which is OldTaste in Malacca. The range in OldTaste is rather similar to OldTown. 

Classical set up just like OldTown right?

I want to introduce the coffee behind this Milk Tea.

The coffee in the picture is no ordinary coffee. The coffee is added with Chinese Herbal Jelly. I know it sounds weird but its worth trying and the taste is very interesting ^^, Something different from OldTown! Actually I'm not coffee lover but the mixture of Herbal jelly and Coffee grabs my attention >.<

Ordered Onion rings which is my favorite ^^,

Actually we ordered Sambal Fried Rice but the smell is too attractive until I forgot to take a picture of it >.< my bad! Remember to try out Sambal Fried Rice =) Not much of picture though. More in the next post!
Directions to Old Taste is here ---> Old Taste - Wikimapia


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