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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My birthday @ Shabu Shabu, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Thanks to my friends I have another post for my birthday celebration =)
My birthday actually falls in the most busy week of the trimester. Everyone is facing end assignment due date and continuous midterms which doesn't seem ending. Even though its a busy week, they still hand me over a birthday celebration at Shabu Shabu in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Then we headed to Alamanda for Narnia!
P/S: I'm launching my new watermark together with this post as well ^^,

Thanks for the treat =)

Its time to introduce the gang! The gang who ate seriously a lot >.< and I really mean it! A lot! Before that thanks to Eng Siang for his sacrifice to go Shabu Shabu even though he already had his dinner =) FYI: Shabu Shabu serves buffet steamboat.

Wen Chuan 

Ah Kok (He eats nonstop, he continues eating even everyone had stopped)

Cheng Yang (aka Anai) The famous "house-husband"

Zuo Han (aka RoboYap)

Eng Siang (aka Zainan)

Refering to Ah Kok's picture above I did mentioned that he eats a lot. Now I'm going to prove the fact that he really eats nonstop. Since RoboYap sits nearer to the steamboat belt, he delivers food to Ah Kok nonstop like a robot >.<

See! Even Anai scratches his head when he sees how Ah Kok eat =.=

Everyone is so busy eating until they didn't notice I took this picture. Look at the table @.@

The Steamboat belt. Looks exactly like Sushi belts >.<

Now I introduce to you the most famous dish (actually there is another famous dish but its particularly to Ah Kok only =.= ) that everyone likes to eat =) Personal favorite

Pork!!! Super delicious!!!

After this super heavy meal we head to Alamanda for Narnia. Overall Shabu Shabu is worth going. The food quality is good and the service is awesome too. The worker continuously offers us food >.< I shall say this is a penny worth restaurant especially when you eat exactly like Ah Kok

Directions to Shabu Shabu Bandar Puteri Puchong:
Coordinates: 55.501N, 37.33E (copy and paste it on the destination field)
Wikimapia: Shabu Shabu


Yunn Jiuan said...

last time i went to eat only rm22 now rm29 ad..so expensive

Big Grey Wolf said...

petrol oso increase apatah lagi Shabu Shabu >.<

reddishTea said...

didnt try the shabu shabu before. i should go! looks nice!

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