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Friday, November 5, 2010

Yumcha @ Pinkberrys, Dataran Pahlawan

Happy Deepavali! Its a public holiday today and its another day of enjoyment in doing nothing. It reminds of a movie I once saw before which had the quote of feeling the beauty of doing nothing! Well, I can't get the idea anyway as I end up sleeping endlessly. Knowing that there will be heavy traffic today, I insisted to go yumcha (meaning: Hi-tea) in town. This is where we end up at:

Pinkberrys is a dessert house which is located on top of Dataran Pahlawan (Directions refer bottom of this post)

Don't keep pressing the phone, order food please =P

Actually she is very hungry but for the sake of the picture, control her face~~~

Now its time to introduce to you what is special about this dessert house. We order desserts (obviously.haha) and also together some local snacks as well.


Ice - honey dew, snowy ice together with sago are covered by honey dew fillings and accompanied by fishball liked honey dew fillings

Cannot wait already! She wants the honor for the 1st tasting ceremony XD



Terrayaki Bun! This is highly recommended!


Lo Mai Kai (Chicken Glutinous Rice) Not recommended at all. The taste is so different and weird >.<

There are many more available dessert such as Chinese style desserts as well as coffee. Overall this is a nice place for afternoon hangouts with a bunch of friends =) Once you are in Dataran Pahlawan find an exit to the roof where the field is located. Its noticeable with its colorful signboard .

Google map coordinates ---> @2.190393,102.250522 (Copy and paste this on the destination)
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall Jalan Merdeka
75000 Melaka.
Tel: +6062832828


Hilda Milda™ said...

The place looks nice (: and I like the name of it!

jfook said...

wow, looks good. XD Especially the Terrayaki Bun. XD

Celeste said...

actually i tot the lo mai kai looks good bt guess looks can be deceiving..XD

juta said...

hi~ i am Jacky Ong, the Owner of pinkberrys dessert house. We appreciated all of you supports! We would like to imform you guys that we had shifted down since last 2 months... we are currently located beside starbucks! Thanks and we are waiting to serve you!



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