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Monday, November 1, 2010

What had Malaysians becoming today?

On the way to Low Yat Plaza in the car with my friends, we passed by a road with hotels crowding both sides of the road (actually we were lost on our way to Low Yat, so we end up passing by roads which is unnecessarily). I was at the back seat of the car looking on an old European couple holding each other hands tightly, out of the blue two motorist tried to snatch the old lady's bag and necklace. The whole situation happened in a blink of an eye. I was dumbfounded looking on to such situation. Luckily the two motorist did not succeed in their plan. I wonder if the two couples will ever be happy to return to Malaysia after such warm welcoming display of those two motorist.

The thing about crimes did not end there. My day was further "graced" by me being a victim of a pickpocket (actually almost). Luckily I had felt some movement in my pocket before the pickpocket ran away with my purse. I was at Hang Tuah LRT station and that time it was just after office hours. So, you will expect a lot of people in the station. I saw a Malay man stand quite a distance from me before the LRT arrived. Right after the LRT arrived the Malay man rushed towards me trying to squeeze in the same cabin as me. I felt very strange as the cabin he was waiting were less people compared to mine.

Guess what? That man pushed me into the cabin as hard as he could and I almost fell on someone. I tried to fight back by pushing the man out of the cabin with my back but my actions we useless as he managed to get in anyway. Then the incident happened when I felt someone is in my lower pocket and I saw that Malay man's hand! I quickly stomp his foot and he removed his hand immediately. What further add towards my anger were a Chinese lady standing right at the side of the Malay man. She saw the whole incident from the time that man put his hand in my pocket! How I know it? That lady told her friend that she saw the man putting his hand into my pocket trying to pick me.

What is Malaysians becoming today? At least the lady would had tell me or give me a signal! Luckily I was not being picked in the end. It would be most appreciated if anyone could just lend a helping hand!


Evelyn`Wann said...

Great!! Should pijak his foot kuat-kuat..he is counted lucky as not being whacked up...haizz this world

Big Grey Wolf said...

eh best fren.luckily it was crowded.if nt the guy makan my kit lens d ><

Your Humble Servant said...

What a shame. I am feeling glad now to live in the quiet North.

Dewi Batrishya said...

OMG.. That's awful..
We can always be careful all the time.
But sometimes, we are just unlucky.
Glad that u're fine though.

Big Grey Wolf said...

@humble servant: Lucky u, hope those crooks dun migrate north XD
@Dewi Batrishya: i just dun understand y they cant get a job instead of robbing

Kahmon said...

That was lucky!! You should not place ur wallet behind... I don't understand why "malay"sian always like to do this. I been bag snatched twice by motorist. Damn angry n hate!!!!

Have to be more careful next time. Anyway, Hang Tuah Station has lotsa cas already. =]

Big Grey Wolf said...

@kahmon: I placed my wallet in my side pocket le T.T

cutebun said...

The thing is that lady might be threaten if she did tell you. You never know one day that Malay guy might target her. =) Glad that you are alright =)

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