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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Famous Char Siu Rice @ Restoran Spring Golden, Taman Sri Muda

A bit of introduction before we get our way to famous Char Siu Rice!!!
Literally, Char Siu means "Fork Roast" in English and the translation somehow does reflects to the dish. This is so because the shops usually display the Char Siu (Usually referred as Roasted Pork) by hanging (skewered with long fork) them in the window. Hence, the name "Fork Roast".
Char Siu is actually barbequed pork meat and the meat is usually shoulder cut of domestic pork.
Char Siu also got its name at 28 on World's 50 Most Delicious Food readers' poll complied by CNN Go in 2011.

Now the Famous Char Siu Rice in Shah Alam!
Ta da!!! Spring Golden Restaurant for the famous "glass char siu"

This restaurant got its name for its famous "glass char siu". Yes, you did not read it wrongly. Its called "glass char siu". Why is it called so? You must have a look at the pictures below.

 I am not joking about its reputation for being famous!

Even the local celebrities pay them a visit!!! Btw, take note of the opening hours too~
I warn you about the pictures you are about to see later. Make sure you are not hungry when you are looking at this post. Else...(I am just joking~)

Here you go! Can't see the char siu? lets have a look closer below


Roasted Chicken with Char Siu. Need a closer look on the Char Siu?

2 types of Roasted Pork. Lets zoom in more to have a even closer look on the Char Siu
This is it! "Glass Char Siu" as we say it in Cantonese "Bor lei Char Siu"

The texture is awesome and the bite is magnificent. You can feel the Char Siu melting as you chew. A bit expensive though! but for the taste it simply worth it.
P/S: Worth it if you have it once in a blue moon! 

Look carefully at the window~ They even serve Roasted Duck~

If you need help going there here is the GPS coordinates: 3.025862,101.542829
P/S: If you want to pay them a visit, make sure you go there early~ Its pretty crowded during lunch hours~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My visit @ FGS Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom

Its was a last minute plan to have a visit to Dong Zen temple. Most of us had just finished our examination and since its still Chinese New Year at that time so, we decided go and have a look. It was my 1st time visit to Dong Zen temple (Even though my mother told me I had visited that place since I was a small boy but i can't really recall it) Dong Zen temple is one of the main attractions in Malaysia especially during the month of Chinese New Year. Its huge landscape made it possible for huge decorations which I am about to show you here.

Sort of the main entrance for the temple

See the lights which is all over the entrance? Its actually hundreds or even thousands of small lanterns (below) hanged all over it. You will be dazzled by all the lights in the temple. Talking about lanterns you should really look at the next picture. I bet you wont regret going there for once!

Small little lanterns with the temple's logo on it.

Around the entrance, these lovely flowers are there too!

Thousands of lanterns hanged across the pathway to shine the way for you~

Its simply amazing by all the lanterns around the temple. Every corner of the place you will find one. Its very common there. Next I am going to show you the decorations available there.

There you go. 1Malaysia greeting you a Happy Chinese New Year!


Since its the year of Rabbit, you just couldn't miss those out in the decoration list XD

The cat looks funny

Small monks to greet you~

This is not it. There are a lot more of decorations, what I have showed here is just a few of those many decorations. You really need to go there have a look yourself =)

In the middle of the temple lies this huge hall. There is exhibition about Buddhism in the hall itself.

Before go in lets have a picture of Pei Gueh >.<

Don't ask me why he wanted this shot XD

Dong Zen temple in Jenjarom is really a worth visiting place. You will be amazed with the decorations and the exhibitions as well. There is this wishing tree where you can hang you wishes on it. I wonder if the wishes you make really come true >.< When there is hope there is a possibility right?

Make your wishes here~

I found this cute little garden lamp >.<

You can get to Dong Zen with this GPS coordinates: 2°52'5"N   101°29'26"E
Wikimapia: Dong Zen

Monday, February 28, 2011

1 day trip @ Genting Highlands

After a brain-squeezing trimester at MMU, its the time of the year again to enjoy till the max!
We had our one day trip to Genting Highlands
Before we head to Genting, Wen Chuan recommended Pork Noodles as breakfast. I had forgotten where was the place again >.< Nevertheless the noodles were really good. Further info please ask Wen Chuan. haha

Minced pork + slices of pork meat + a bit of pork organs = delicious

After the breakfast we drove to Genting's cable car station.


Kiddies excited to Genting


Its too early to yawn~



I wonder what the fuss about the counter. Maybe its the receptionist ^^,


Since I'm the camera man of the day, they keep saying I need to be in the picture too to show that I too went to Genting >.< So, my personal camera man pops up.


Lim You Jian. My personal camera man >.<

Wen Chuan always wanted to take this pose when he was a child. As a small boy his height wouldn't allow him to do so. After so many years, he is finally tall enough to make this pose. It was a glorious moment for him (*tears). This phrase was re-quote >.<


Pose of the day!


Look at Ah Kok's face. He is gathering courage for the ride


The only place for a complete group picture~


Its now or never!


Check in to Maxim Hotel ^^,


I'm in the picture~


Before we went back, we actually dropped by the casino. Since no camera is allowed so no pictures is available for viewing T.T Overall, we donated some money to Uncle Lim. End of the day, it was a hell of a day ^^, Tiring yet enjoying

Monday, January 17, 2011

Roommate Day @ Chili's One Utama

Its a long time since my last post. It has been a very very busy month and its time to celebrate a self-declared "Roommate Day" (my excuse to sneak out to play~). Before you continue reading you may feel it a bit gay but I must declare an early statement both of us are perfectly normal straight guys >.<

We went to One Utama. The main reason for us to be there is not because of Chili's but because of the premier screening of Faster staring The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). My roommate won 2 free movie screening tickets from cinema.com.my

Ta da!!! I know the photocopied ticket looks a bit fake but this is really the original ticket for us to enter the cinema >.<
Before the movie there is plenty of time to spent and an empty stomach to fill up. Conclusion? We head to Chili's and the result? Our wallet bleed T.T Suddenly feel like singing Leona Lewis: Keep Bleeding The food was very very delicious (since its super expensive we force ourselves to admit its delicious >.< ) Lets me bring you to Chili's One Utama:

Welcome to Chili's ^^,

We are required to parked at the lobby. Be sure where to park to make sure you won't be clamped >.<

Before we start feasting! Let me introduce to you my scandalous bedmate >.< In case you miss out the word "scandalous bedmate" be sure to check my earlier post ^^, 

My Scandalous Bedmate: Chai Sim Por
Too frustrated to search for the choice of food.

This is Margarita Bar in Chili's. Look at the varieties of the alcohol selections @.@

Chicken Spaghetti 

Fish and Chips

Bottomless Apple Juice
I know our choice of food and drink sounds normal but our total meal cost RM70++
Well after candle light dinner we headed for movie. After the movie, we go back to room then on the same bed. This phrase was quoted from "Niao Kok"
The whole phrase sounds so wrong and very gay >.< Take note the same bed refers to the double-decker bed. Don't be wrong >.<

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mille Crêpe @ Nadeje Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca

Since the1st time I tried Nadeje's cakes, I fell in love with the cakes there immediately. The cakes there are known as Mille Crêpe. Unlike Secret Recipe with those normal cheese cakes, Mille Crêpe is a French cake made of many Crêpe layers. Crêpe here is a very thin layer of pancake. Enough of history >.< lets show you the thing about Nadeje's famous.

Lets get started~~~

This is what I have been falling in love with~ Mille Crêpe

We actually had our lunch there and Nadeje is not all about cakes. Look at this Japanese Pizza! Delicious~

Not to forget the drinks there is above par too. Summer Day (front)

Picture of the day~

I must say I like this picture. especially my expression >.<
To have a slice of Nadeje's famous Mille Crêpe you need to get yourself to Dataran Pahlawan in Malacca.
Nadeje is above Dataran Pahlawan opposite to Oldtown. (P/S: Be early to avoid long waits for seats.)
Coordinates to Dataran Pahlawan: 55.501N, 37.33E 

Au Revoir!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve @ Geographer Cafe, Malacca

This is the 1st time I ever participated in a countdown. I'm always being the one who listens to the stories told by the people who were actually there! Well, there is always the first time =) This was my 1st. Its was for Christmas. Although I don't celebrate Christmas but I simply just can't be excluded from all the fun from the Christmas Countdown at Geographer Cafe. Before I show you all the actions during the countdown >.< I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (Better late than never.lol)  and a Happy New Year~

Dedicated to all my blog readers =)

This is the Geographer I was mentioning. I found out that there is quite a number of foreigners hangout here most of the time when I happen to be around there.

Well, let me introduce to you what is the best part about countdown! Lots and lots of people, alcohol, joy and serious laughing >.< Seriously serious laughing. Will let you know further down the post.

Heineken. Actually I don't fancy alcohol much but since its my 1st countdown~ I must fancy it! ^^,

P/S: I only drank a bottle and not more than that >.< Seriously~
In my 1st countdown itself I get to know two new friends. I must say, they are one heck of a joker.
P/S: you really don't want to be their target >.< 
Nevertheless its really fun to have them around. At least I get to laugh my head of me =)

Kelson on the left and Nic on the right with the "target" Huey Min in the middle >.<


Another hardworking photographer shooting ^^,

How could I leave without a picture with you~~~

It was not my idea to make such faces 0=)

Besides Christmas presents there is something else which will make your day up. check it you below~

Astonishing unbelievable~~~

Just look at the crowd

When there is a crowd there must be fun. As the saying goes. Where there is sweet there tend to be ants~

Let the party begin!!!

Well it must be a "decent" way of wishing Merry Christmas~
That's all folks for today's post! Stay tune for the New Year celebration!!! Hooray!

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