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Monday, January 17, 2011

Roommate Day @ Chili's One Utama

Its a long time since my last post. It has been a very very busy month and its time to celebrate a self-declared "Roommate Day" (my excuse to sneak out to play~). Before you continue reading you may feel it a bit gay but I must declare an early statement both of us are perfectly normal straight guys >.<

We went to One Utama. The main reason for us to be there is not because of Chili's but because of the premier screening of Faster staring The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). My roommate won 2 free movie screening tickets from cinema.com.my

Ta da!!! I know the photocopied ticket looks a bit fake but this is really the original ticket for us to enter the cinema >.<
Before the movie there is plenty of time to spent and an empty stomach to fill up. Conclusion? We head to Chili's and the result? Our wallet bleed T.T Suddenly feel like singing Leona Lewis: Keep Bleeding The food was very very delicious (since its super expensive we force ourselves to admit its delicious >.< ) Lets me bring you to Chili's One Utama:

Welcome to Chili's ^^,

We are required to parked at the lobby. Be sure where to park to make sure you won't be clamped >.<

Before we start feasting! Let me introduce to you my scandalous bedmate >.< In case you miss out the word "scandalous bedmate" be sure to check my earlier post ^^, 

My Scandalous Bedmate: Chai Sim Por
Too frustrated to search for the choice of food.

This is Margarita Bar in Chili's. Look at the varieties of the alcohol selections @.@

Chicken Spaghetti 

Fish and Chips

Bottomless Apple Juice
I know our choice of food and drink sounds normal but our total meal cost RM70++
Well after candle light dinner we headed for movie. After the movie, we go back to room then on the same bed. This phrase was quoted from "Niao Kok"
The whole phrase sounds so wrong and very gay >.< Take note the same bed refers to the double-decker bed. Don't be wrong >.<


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