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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My birthday @ Pasta Zanmai, Sunway

Before continuing further lets have a look at the birthday boy's picture! (actually I love the feel of the picture so its worth sharing with everyone =P)

Celebrating my 21st Birthday!

In my previous post I posted a picture about the place I celebrated my birthday. Did it keep you guessing? I hope so >.< Unveiling the answer is.....Pasta Zanmai in Sunway! (Mentioned in the title already =.= ) She have been searching for a decent place to celebrate my birthday and finally it was Pasta Zanmai which made up her mind.

I forgotten to capture the main entrance of Pasta Zanmai so I'm just going to settle with chopsticks sets to introduce Pasta Zanmai. haha

Its not cheap having a meal there but since its my birthday she wouldn't mind to give me a treat once awhile =) Honestly speaking the food there is double-thumbs up! I would be dying to go there for another round (*grin) Lets start with Special Green Tea!

Beside tasting a little bit sweet and darker colored than usual I can't see why its called "Special" Green Tea >.< maybe I'm just not used be lavished with these expensive stuff.

Up next the main meal of the day. They do provide side dishes for set meals ordered and I must say both main and side dishes taste dazzling. I ordered a Unagi set meal which comes with Unagi with rice and a bowl of salad.

Just look at the way they serve it. Especially the egg. Nicely cooked!

Here's the salad.

She ordered a set of unagi too but it comes with pasta as side dish. Actually we were planning another set of meal but i mistakenly ordered this >.< my bad for ordering 2 sets of unagi T.T

The Japanese style of our "nasi goreng pataya" with Unagi on top >.<

The pasta (p/s: preparing this post makes me hungry T.T)

That is all about the food we had together in Pasta Zanmai. If you would ask me is Pasta Zanmai recommendable? I would absolutely recommend it! The food tastes superb! Worth going once awhile >.< expensive though. Last but not least as promised to show what she bought for me as my birthday present~

She bought me a Estee Lauder perfume for men. I have been nagging of buying a perfume for a long time (eventhough I'm not sure why I need it).

Thanks dear for my celebration =)

As usual before I end my post I will be giving directions to the restaurant >.<
Its located in Sunway Piramid. Which part of Sunway Piramid? I have found a free mobile application which will show you the location of all the shops in Sunway which you can find it here: My Mall Application

Google map address to Sunway Piramid: (copy everything below and paste under destination in google map)
 Level CP6, Blue Atrium,, No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall)


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