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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My visit @ FGS Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom

Its was a last minute plan to have a visit to Dong Zen temple. Most of us had just finished our examination and since its still Chinese New Year at that time so, we decided go and have a look. It was my 1st time visit to Dong Zen temple (Even though my mother told me I had visited that place since I was a small boy but i can't really recall it) Dong Zen temple is one of the main attractions in Malaysia especially during the month of Chinese New Year. Its huge landscape made it possible for huge decorations which I am about to show you here.

Sort of the main entrance for the temple

See the lights which is all over the entrance? Its actually hundreds or even thousands of small lanterns (below) hanged all over it. You will be dazzled by all the lights in the temple. Talking about lanterns you should really look at the next picture. I bet you wont regret going there for once!

Small little lanterns with the temple's logo on it.

Around the entrance, these lovely flowers are there too!

Thousands of lanterns hanged across the pathway to shine the way for you~

Its simply amazing by all the lanterns around the temple. Every corner of the place you will find one. Its very common there. Next I am going to show you the decorations available there.

There you go. 1Malaysia greeting you a Happy Chinese New Year!


Since its the year of Rabbit, you just couldn't miss those out in the decoration list XD

The cat looks funny

Small monks to greet you~

This is not it. There are a lot more of decorations, what I have showed here is just a few of those many decorations. You really need to go there have a look yourself =)

In the middle of the temple lies this huge hall. There is exhibition about Buddhism in the hall itself.

Before go in lets have a picture of Pei Gueh >.<

Don't ask me why he wanted this shot XD

Dong Zen temple in Jenjarom is really a worth visiting place. You will be amazed with the decorations and the exhibitions as well. There is this wishing tree where you can hang you wishes on it. I wonder if the wishes you make really come true >.< When there is hope there is a possibility right?

Make your wishes here~

I found this cute little garden lamp >.<

You can get to Dong Zen with this GPS coordinates: 2°52'5"N   101°29'26"E
Wikimapia: Dong Zen


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