I have so much to tell, so much to say, so much to do, so much to realize and I'm still doing things the same way. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Just hope to record the things I still enjoy most and while I can. One day I will lift my head high and say I'm not the one before =) P/S: I learn something in french class...c'est la vie!
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its my 21st birthday!

Yes! Its my birthday and I am a December boy! Well, its kinda early for this post because it ain't my birthday yet but I'm really really excited to share what present ♥she for bought me and the place we celebrate my birthday in advance. Its a very special day for me like any special movie there must be a trailer and poster right? >.<

Here's some pictures to spice up my blog!

This part of the picture look familiar to anyone of you? ^^,

Try to have a wild guess and I will post the complete post on the actual date of my birthday =) Next will be my present! Here is another wild guess to go~

My present from ♥her

I am actually too excited to share my joy with everyone. I am not trying to show off (sincerely) Just to share the things which make me happy~ Stay tuned for the answers and more pictures to unfold!


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