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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RM10 = RM30

Puzzled with my title? The equations doesn't sounds correct.
Check this out in e-bay:

See? My equation is valid though! haha. You can sell your RM10 note for RM30. Now lets see why the RM10 banknote worth 3 times its original value. The reason behind it lies within the serial number that the RM10 holds. If you refer to the link I attach above, you will notice that the serial number is ZA 7092186. What so special about that serial number? The point is its a "Z series" bank notes. Z series bank notes are known as a replacement note. Still puzzled?

Alright, in layman's term it means that if a bank note was found with defects it will be replaced with a Z series banknote. Example: During the production of RM10,000,000 worth of RM10 notes it found out that there are 8000 of them are with defects. Hence the 8000 notes are replaced with Z series RM10 notes. You might wonder why can't they reproduce the same series as those 8000? The problem is reproducing identical notes as the batch before is impossible.

The Z series notes only applies to RM10 only.

Check out the your RM10 series numbers. You will never know how lucky you are ^^,
Money collectors are drooling for those rare Z series of RM10 banknotes.


Maxloon120 said...

Do this mean that any notes that with Z series is valueble?

Big Grey Wolf said...

The Z series notes only applies to RM10 banknotes

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