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Friday, September 17, 2010

How pure is your petrol?

My car just got serviced about a month ago. One day, the car started to sound strange and its coming from the front engine. Weird I though at 1st, my car just got serviced not long ago. The strange sound repeats everytime I accelerate the car up-hill or I try to take over another. The sounds irritates me and made me worried. I decided to bring it back to the service center again.

To my dismal, the car is fine says the technician. He said that the problems lies with the petrol u feed the car. I was shocked to hear this and I recalled that before the day the strange sound started, I had my car refueling in a petrol station which I had never done refueling before. The technician suggest that the petrol my car is using had been mixed with water. He suggested that I finished the tank and refuel in a familiar petrol station which I normally do.

Amazing! The strange sound is no longer there. The technician advice never to refuel in that station again! Beware of dishonest petrol stations around you! You may be the next victim


Henry Tan said...

what about Petronas in cyberjaya? lol

Big Grey Wolf said...

cyberjaya petronas ok.but gt 1 pump laoya de.i wan fill full tank the petrol overflow =.= sibeh laoya tat pump wont jump the trigger

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