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Sunday, September 5, 2010


How many of you actually know what DSLR stands for? I bet most of you would had just say Digital something-something lar~~~ Frankly speaking I just Google it a few minutes ago. The abbreviation of DSLR actually stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex. Nowadays you can see people around you holding a DSLR camera. In shopping complex you see a DSLR, in a restaurant you see a DSLR, in the streets you see a DSLR, and if you go in a public toilet you can see someone carrying a DSLR bag >.<

Following the trend I bought myself a DSLR camera too. Its getting cheap nowadays compared to the earlier days. All because of new models are releasing the "older" generation are getting cheaper. At 1st I was deeply encouraged by the breathtaking pictures the DSLR produce. Well, naively speaking I told myself people can take those "hot" shots so do it. Get myself a DSLR and shot some initial shot which were way too far from those I see. Think of giving up at 1st there is so much to learn from a small gadget like that. Its wrong to say you just need to click and put it in auto. If that's the case a normal digital compact camera would do @@


If buying a DSLR ever comes into your mind I think you should hold your horses and think.
1.   Budget
      After you buy your 1st DSLR with thousands of ringgit the investment wont stop there. There will be lenses investments, accessories (bags, tripods, flashes), books (omitted if you learn online) and annual check-up for your DSLR. All these will make you cash go dry faster than thirsty hippo. Trust me, especially with those lenses, you will eventually feel the current lens could meet you further photography taste buds. Mind you too that there is a shutter limit for every DSLR. When the shutter limit reaches its half life it eventually wont be able to reach its optimum performance again. Again, changing it requires money!

2.   Patience
      Photography is an art and it cannot be studied or mastered overnight. It requires time and maturity over it. Pictures you see which are breathtaking requires a lot of practice and learning to master it. If you wan immediate results then buying DSLR wont be a good option though. Mastering DSLR requires the 3 basic things: ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. Each of them plays an important row in your "awesome" pictures. Then there is your exposure control and how you play with lights. All of these cannot be done without consistent enthusiasm and the "OHM" which push you on and on.

3.   Photoshop
      Great pictures is doesn't stop after you click the trigger. There is still a long process to go in you computer where you need to edit here and there with software. There is another painful experience you need to go through. Conquering the functions of DSLR is already a big headache and how about conquering pictures editing. You do need to spend some money for the editing software unless you plan to .......

Please take note that the opinions above is not directly meant for someone and if it indirectly and unfortunately hurt anyone's feeling I'm terribly sorry T.T These views were solely my view on a DSLR after owning it for sometime. Amateur opinion generally!


zzanyy said...

good advices :)

Cicadasx said...

Good one!
Personally, for someone who has been using DSLR for years, i think the Auto mode in it is crappy.
You better spend the money buying a Sony Cybershot or any other digital camera.
But under manual mode, well, its a different kind of story

ken said...

thank you for sharing the tips =)

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