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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why you need to skip class?

Yes, I'm giving you reasons to skip your class. Instead of encouraging you to go for you classes, I'm providing you reasons why you need to skip you class. I used to be a normal guy who goes to each and every one of his class. My attendance is 100% since the early of the semester until the end of the semester. Yes, sounds very geeky right? Now, why you someone like me (a guy with 100% attendance) would like to skip class? (think think)


Reasons are simple, have a look down:
1.   The subject's syllabus is repeating those you took before.
      Well, repeating syllabus happens most of the time especially when you are an engineering student. Every semester you would have the same old familiar content in you lecture slides. Seriously speaking, its very boring repeating those things which you have mastered in the earlier semesters. Why waste time on something that you already know? You can have studies other new things using those times. Conclusion number 1: Skip it!

2.   "Fantastic" Lecturers.
      In your whole university life you will at least once encounter a lecturer who is not understandable. In the sense that the lecturer delivers the lecture "syok sendiri". Well, you can't blame them actually, they gets too excited explaining something they know and they get too carried away until they forgets that we do not understand a thing. There is also those lecturer's whose English is absolutely "fantastic" X2. You really have to record and repeat a dozen time until you understand what he/she is talking about =.= In the end of the lecture, you would have been lost and you learned nothing. Conclusion number 2: Skip it!

3.   Early morning class.
      Well, students nowadays tend to be "night creatures". If its not 2-3am they will not sleep. Some of them would have enjoying a good game of DOTA or those with girlfriend would had just came back from "pakto". For me? I would send the whole night watching endless TVB drama I downloaded (shhhhh! copyright infringement) =.= Ok, comes to the next day. What happens is that you gets too tired for the early morning class that you wake up late! Rushing to class and you reaches your class like 10minutes late.With your condition (you haven't bath, haven't brush you teeth, haven't print you lecture notes) imagine what will happen to you in class (guys: lost impression marks to your dream girl; girls: drop you share market having such hideous conditions) plus, with your unprinted lecture notes you will listen to your lecturer chirping to you! Blur and lost in the class. End of the class, you gain nothing, learned nothing and you have to study the topic by yourself. Conclusion number 3: Change you class to 10am onwards or you skip it!

4.   Lower barring requirements
      When your lecturers say that you will be bared from your final exam if you have less than 50% attendance. This means that you have the privilege to skip you class up till half of your semester! Use it wisely! Great power comes with great responsibilities >.< Self study is actually applicable for those easier subjects and when your lecturer reads from the textbook without actually explaining them =.=

These are just only part of the reasons you can have to motivate you skip your class >.< I do have friends which are smart enough to study the whole syllabus himself and still score an A.
Note: These are just the way I dealt with my university life which I would like to share with everyone. Please take note that everyone is different and the way I did it may not suites you. Hope you have joyous reading!


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