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Friday, September 3, 2010

Sushi@Sushi Boat Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca

When I go for movies in GSC Dataran Pahlawan, I always pass by this rather small sushi "stall" (its not in a shop lot by the way). The design of the stall somehow gets my attention with its boat-liked shape. Since the 1st time I notices this stall I had been telling her that we should try this sushi someday around >.< (eventually it takes us months later to have our 1st meal there)

Not bad for a logo eh?

The setting was really fascinating I must say (2nd time I'm mentioning this here XD). The traditional sushi king or even pasta zanmai they only uses the normal sushi belt to get their sushi catwalk the whole shop. Sushi boat does it in a very special way where they place them on small boats floating on a very very small moat where there is actually water in it >.<

The food there I would say its rather disappointing. Its not up to the standards of its design. Nice impression huge let off on the food. Miso soup were salty and the sushi was rather tasteless. My advise: if you would like a place to take some pictures and hi-tea I do strongly suggest Sushi Boat. If you are carving for good sushi...this is certainly not the place for it.  The price is rather expensive compared to sushi king >.<

Picture of the day~

See! there is water in it!

Miso soup~~~ haih.salty de


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