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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Korean BBQ@Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, Malacca

So happened to notice a new restaurant just right across the street from Dataran Pahlawan. Since she had been buzzing to go to a Korean restaurant >.< finally, instead of us going to KL for Korean food Daorae came to us (She had been telling me to go KL for Korean food, guess Daorae heard her nagging and decided to open one of its outlets in Malacca.Hahaha) Its a 3storey building. Its quite noticeable with the huge sign board showing Daorae BBQ restaurant.

The atmosphere in the restaurant must I say is really amazing. You really can see those Korean drama scenes come to live in front of your eyes~~~


We were served with Korean tea. I don't quite like the smell of it >.< but some says the tea taste wonderful. Its quite a complicated taste. hahaha (actually I lost words describing it) have to have a gulp for yourself =P
by the way, I like the bottle though!


The food there I must admit its nice. especially the Kimchi soup. I just love it! It comes with quite a number of side dishes. Eventually your whole table will be full of food @@ and you just don't know which one to start 1st. We ordered a Chicken soup with glutinous rice in it (I can't remember what its original name) and Kimchi Steamboat. There is still more in the menu list but we will just settle for these two dishes.


fancy bowl eh?hahaha

This is the Chicken soup

It reminds me of something good in Daorae. After paying our bill I noticed that they charged me for a bowl of rice which I ordered and it never came in the end. Then I told a Korean lady (I wonder if she is the owner there) that I didn't get my rice. Without further hesitation she quickly apologized profusely to me and quickly went to get a refund for me. This kind of service attitude encourages me to go for a 2nd time =) Even when we are leaving she is still saying sorry to me >.<

have a look at the interior design of the restaurant



Picture of the day!


End of the day, the price is reasonable, the settings itself is wonderful and I must say its customer service: brilliant!

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