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Friday, October 8, 2010

Penang's Khoo Kongsi (take 3)

Yes and its Penang again! As promised I show u more places to visit in Penang. In this post I bring you to this street. Have a while guess where does this street brings you to?


Bewildered? Its the road to Khoo Kongsi! Here is the sign board to it:

When we arrived at Khoo Kongsi we happened to see a drama shooting going on at the place. The classical cars parked there really amazed us and made us forget what we are actually here for!

A quick view of how the whole structure looked like and a snap shot of some significant views which caught my attention



Whats next? Group photo!!! I just simply love group photos. It shows all those happy faces (Its a pleasure to take a picture of everyone)

We did managed to do some portrait snapping. The pond side picture is inspired by the uncle security guarding the building there. He actually taught us how to pose for the picture >.<



More exciting Penang tourist spots on next post. More pictures next. Stay tuned!


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