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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dimsum Twin Tower and Burmese Temple @Penang

Continuation from my Penang trip today I introduce to everyone about the "legendary" Twin Tower of dimsum. You may be thinking is this aother new restaurant in Penang or maybe a Twin Tower look alike Dimsum? No. The thing that I wanted to describe is this:


strange right? It just look like any normal dimsum. I believe a picture means a thousand words. So I'll show a picture that explains all =) Ok I admit the bridge does happened to be higher than the original tower >.<

dimsum tower

Not bad right for a tower. You can imagine how much dimsum we ate. Forget about how much this breakfast cost us (seriously you don't want to know). Here I would like to take the opportunity to give credit to the penangite aka "drivers" who drives us around Penang introducing everything Penang can offer


Candid eh?hahaha. You would not believe what place we had our dimsum. Its not the normal restaurant that we see everyday but rather special. The setting of the restaurant is completely "Bali" style. Its very easy to locate the restaurant its at Gurney drive right beside the beach. It is easily noticed by the huge sign board which shows "Bali". Here is a snapshot of it:


After that we went to the Burmese Temple to have a try on the electronic wheel of fortune XD. The temple is around Gurney drive as well. I was at the same temple few years back and I am very impressed with the fortune telling done.


I love group photos!!!

suhui n yeo_副本
Picture of the day!!!


Can't forget that outside the Sleeping Buddha Temple (Opposite the Burmese Temple) there is Thai style coconut ice-cream. The 1st time I test the ice-cream it was few years back and I fell in love with it and after a few years I still love it. Just like McDonald's "I'm lovin it"


more of Penang coming soon~


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